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GLP1 Weight Loss Training Face to Face – Sunday 27th. February 2022, 0900 – 13:00 at Liverpool Malmaison Hotel *

Course Description

Our course gives you all the knowledge and practical skills to run a weight management clinic. Our main focus will be on the GLP1 Agonists, Saxenda, Ozempic and Rybelsus.

To achieve this we have split the course into four main areas.

The psychological and physiological factors affecting weight loss. What happens to our bodies and minds that always seems to jeopardize our plans and how we can overcome this.

The pharmacology of the GLP1 Agonists. Everything that you need to know.

The Practical aspects of using the devices and instructing your patients on how to get the best from the medication.

Useful forms and downloadable material to help you make a success of your clinics.