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Our course gives you all the knowledge and practical skills to run a weight management clinic. Our main focus will be on the GLP1 Agonists, Saxenda, Ozempic, Rybelsus and Wegovy.

To achieve this we have split the course into four main areas. The psychological and physiological factors affecting weight loss. What happens to our bodies and minds that always seems to jeopardise our plans and how we can overcome this. The pharmacology of the GLP1 Agonists. Everything that you need to know.

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Teachers Jella Kang & Mohammad Ahmad

GLP-1 Agonists &
Weight Management
Classroom-Based Course

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Get an inside look about their experiences and the impact our online and in-person aesthetics courses have made.

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Attended the weight loss course Excellent delivery from Jella and Mo Very informative easy to understand, Would really recommend this course.
L. Holden
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I recently attended the GLP1 Weight Loss Training course with Mo and Jella. The course was amazing – informative, professional and thorough. Both Mo and Jella are great trainers extremely knowledgable in their field of expertise and also provided a friendly, relaxed enjoyable training experience. Continued after support is also provided which is valuable for anybody in their ongoing practice. Thank you guys ☺️
S. Faulkner
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What an amazing training session Jella and Mo are so supportive and knowledgeable really enjoyed the training every aspect of how GLP-1 works and their shared expertise and experience thanks x
P. Kaur
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I attended September 2021, I have nothing but praise for how the workshop was run especially with the tutors, Jella and Mo at each chapter of the workshop, everything was explained in detail and their experiences in this industry were shared freely with us, so we had personal insight, and that was awesome. I found we had a new understanding about the trade, and that safety and common sense are the main factors in GLP-1 management, I thank you for the opportunity!
Y. Issa
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I attended this session last week and found it really informative. The presenters were really knowledgeable and the information that I have learnt will be beneficial to my practice. I would highly recommend.
Hassan M
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Really detailed session with lots of useful hints and tips. Information was all relevant , usually when I attend courses I find my self day dreaming, the session I attended was so well delivered and informative I did not daydream at all. Very thought provoking and well thought out session. Would highly recommend to everyone even if they are not going to deliver a weight management service.
K. Balmer
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Attended the course couple off months ago. Fabulous delivery in a relaxed atmosphere, I really enjoyed the course. Ongoing support from Jello and staff. Would highly recommend

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GLP1 Weight Loss Online Training

Gain knowledge and practical skills to run a weight management clinic. Our main focus will be on the GLP1 Agonists, Saxenda, Ozempic, Rybelsus and Wegovy.